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Professional Decorum

Dear Officials:  It has been brought to the attention of the GLLOA Board by several of our members that competition amongst assignors for tournaments is being used as a cudgel to coerce behaviors of officials.  

Our position is firm:  we do not support this behavior.

The Great Lakes Lacrosse Official’s Association has, for more than 35 years, been true to our non-profit charter to recruit, train, and retain men’s game officials.  We have never counseled members to hold one assignor in favor of another and we gladly accept training completed with other LOA’s.  Our main interests are the professional livelihood and development of our members, as well as supporting the growth of the game. 

To those ends, we remind you of the following:  all GLLOA officials are independent contractors, not employees. 

We have, and will always, counsel our membership to be above reproach with every constituent associated with the game.  You are expected to act professionally with persons assigning, starting from when you accept an assignment through any duties after you walk off the assigned field.  Equally, you are expected to treat players, coaches, fans, and other officials professionally and equally.

When you are not treated in a professional manner or are blatantly disrespected, you have the tools – both on and off the field – to address the situation.  Our training covers most on-field situations, but these circumstances provide us an opportunity to remind you that you always have a choice for whom you work.

If you have questions or concerns on this topic, please let me or any other GLLOA Board member know.

Thank you, as always, for your service and dedication to the players, coaches, and fans of lacrosse!


Enjoy the “off-season”!

Dave Krok



CC:       Ty Wilkinson, Great Lakes Regional Director – Men’s Official Development

              Charlie Obermeister, Senior Manager Official’s Development USL

by posted 06/20/2019
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