Dedicated to officiating men's lacrosse in Illinois

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We have a critical need for referees to support the tremendous growth of Lacrosse in Illinois.

If you are interested in officiating lacrosse, see the process below.


To become a lacrosse referee , take these next steps: 

Step 1 - Become of Member of GLLOA*


  • Valid US Lacrosse Membership
  • Pay GLLOA dues
  • Attend at least one mandatory meeting
  • Support GLLOA, US Lacrosse, and IHSA philosophies (rule interpretation, mechanics, game management)
  • Valid IHSA Registration (for Boy's Lacrosse) - needed to officiate high school games

Step 2 - Training

Training for new officials is in early March.

Step 3 - Uniforms
From top to bottom: 
    -Black pin-strip cap 
    -Black and white striped official’s jersey (short or long sleeve, but prefer crews to match. Ideal to have both) 
    -Black undershirt (can be any black T-shirt) 
    -Black Shorts
    -Black Socks (short - just out of the shoe style)
    -Black Belt 
    -Two yellow, weighted flags 
    -Lacrosse Score Card (plastic or paper) with pencil / pen
    -Coin (for coin toss) 
    -Whistle (Finger whistles such as the Fox-40 work very well) 
    -Small tape measure (for measuring Lacrosse sticks; should be up to 72” long) 
    -Black Cleats/Shoes (prefer solid black, but some white stripping allowed) 
    -20 Second Timer (ReadyRef has vibrating and audible models)

Step 4 - Assignments

Register with assignors