Dedicated to officiating men's lacrosse in Illinois

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  1. Do I have to join GLLOA to be a lacrosse referee in Illinois?

    GLLOA membership will make you a better lacrosse referee and provide more opportunities for officiating lacrosse.  There are multiple assignors and they are free to a select anyone to "hire" for games.  However, we believe GLLOA membership will provide a competitive advantage.
  2. Why should I join GLLOA?

    As a member of GLLOA, you will have access to all training programs offered.  You will be affiliated with the premier lacrosse officials association in  Illinois.  Networking, mentoring and advancement are additional key benefits.  You will be a part of the "BEST OF THE BEST!!"

  3. Why does GLLOA require USLacrosse membership?

    The goal of GLLOA is to offer the highest quality training, be an advocate for the growth of the game, support the development and personal growth of it’s members as it relates to officiating men’s lacrosse.  These goals are 100% consistent with US Lacrosse.  US Lacrosse provides much of the training curriculum.
    1. GLLOA is all about LACROSSE ... USL is all about LACROSSE (tight alignment) and there is no other sport governing relationship like it (not in Football, B-ball etc)
    2. More than 50%  of our current members are USL members and individually recognize the value.
    3. USL provides more insurance protection than IHSA ... insurance incls some reimbursement for loss of income due to injury
    4. Additionally GLLOA is protected during training with group insurance by Bollinger ...many facilities require proof of insurance.
    5. Members receive lacrosse magazine and sport related communications.
    6. Girls Lacrosse officials in Illinois require USL membership
    7. Many other states require state AND USL membership ...we are not unique in Illinois!!
    8. You want to be the best lacrosse official you can be!
  4. I'm under 18 can I be a lacrosse official?

    Yes! Junior officials are needed. You must be 18 years old to officiate high school contests but officiating youth lacrosse games is a great way to develop your skills.
  5. How is GLLOA affiliated with the IHSA?

    GLLOA is an officially recognized association of the IHSA.  GLLOA has more Lacrosse IHSA clinicians as members than any other organization.
  6. How is GLLOA affilated with Assignors?

    GLLOA is not an assigning organization.   GLLOA's focus is supporting lacrosse officials to be the very best they can be.  GLLOA will explicitly promote and support all assignors who share the same goals and mission and encourage GLLOA membership.
  7. Does GLLOA assign?

    GLLOA is not an assignor.  There may be an occasional training event or youth activity that GLLOA will coordinate referee assignments, but that is not the primary role of GLLOA.
  8. Is GLLOA involved in any other sports?
    GLLOA is exclusively Boy's/Men's lacrosse officiating only.